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Cork Cycling Campaign was started in 1999 by a small group who wanted to make Cork city and county cycle-friendly. Cycling is such a wonderful way of getting around – it’s fast, it’s economical, it’s sustainable, it’s healthy and it’s fun!  It’s probably the most effective way to reduce your personal energy use and climate impact.  Our vision is to see many more people cycling as a means of transport. The best and most liveable cities place pedestrians and cyclists – not motorized vehicles – at the centre of urban design and we want to see these practices adopted in our wonderful city of Cork and its surrounding county.

What do we do?

The Campaign works with local councils, community groups, and other institutions to improve cycling infrastructure and to encourage people to start cycling. We make submissions on infrastructure planning proposals to highlight issues relevant to cyclists, we help organise fun cycling events, we develop cycling information and maps, and we are a voice on behalf of cyclists in the community and councils. Our focus is primarily on everyday cycling – that is, cycling as a form of transport. We also support the development of recreational facilities like greenways.  We strive to improve safety for all cyclists and to encourage mutual consideration, understanding, and respect between cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians.

How can you help?
Do you cycle in Cork and think cycling infrastructure could be much better? Are you tired of cycle lanes that disappear…just when you most need them?  Do you want cycle lanes to be fully segregated from other traffic?  Would you like to see more people cycling?  Do you worry about how Ireland’s high car-dependence continues to drive climate change?  If so, why not join us?  Membership is free and we’ll keep you posted on cycling news through our newsletter and social media. There are opportunities for further involvement if you’d like, but there is no obligation to do anything. Simply by joining us, you’ll be adding your voice to ours and helping us advocate more effectively for all cyclists.

Here’s some easy things you can do without any further commitment:

And you can get more involved:

  • Meet us: we love to welcome newcomers, so join us at our monthly meeting and find out more about the work we’re doing. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month (except August) at 7pm. Our meetings have relocated to Crawford and Company, 10 Anglesea Street, as our numbers have ground. Watch this space… and follow us on Facebook! or Twitter for the latest venue.
  • Help out with on-going projects:  This includes our electronic communications and social media, writing stories for our newsletter, contributing to submissions on planning applications, representing us on local community groups and forums, lobbying the councils, and helping with events.
  • Perhaps you have a particular passion – cycling in your local area, greenways, mobility for the elderly, bike share schemes, local bike festivals, or whatever – if so, contact us and let us explore how we can work together.
  • Donate to the Campaign.  We operate on a small budget which is used to increase the visibility and marketing of cycling locally and to support the national body, We are all volunteers, but even small donations help our work to improve the amount of cycling and cycling facilities in Cork. Click here to go to our donation page!