The two maps shown below show cycling facilities and routes in Cork in the Reference Map, and allow you to highlight problems or suggest routes in the Feedback Map.

Reference map

To suggest changes to this map, please contact us, emladd

photo Bike shop
1197148497498107931lunanaut_Bicycle_Sign_Symbol.svg.hi Bike hire
cokebikeslogotrsp Coke Zero Bike Station
38829grn Popular route

Feedback map

This shows issues already raised. Cork Cycling Campaign hopes to address these issues with the relevant bodies. Suggested cycling routes are also shown. To add either issues or routes, please read the notes below the map.

Danger_sign Serious safety issue or near miss
Eye_out Keep an eye out for…
sign_no_entry Missing route connection
Signage Confusing or missing signs

Please follow these steps (for desktops / laptops) to add to the map. My Maps app may be needed if using a smartphone or tablet.

  1. You will need to be logged in to a Google account, or to create one.
  2. In the map frame, click on frame symbol, top right corner, to view larger map.
  3. Below the description top left, follow EDIT link.
  4. Buttons below the search box include “Add marker”, for adding an issue to our map.
  5. After selecting the button required, click on the point on the map you wish to add the item, using the zoom buttons if required to find the exact point on the map.
  6. Give a brief description of the issue as the title for the point. Add further information in the box below the title, and your name if you wish.
  7. Your point is now on the map. Thank you. We will follow up by changing icons and categories as necessary.

Leave a comment below or E-mail us if you have problems when following these instructions: emladd


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