Harbour Pedal 4th June

1276257911-harbour pedalAs part of Cork Harbour Festival, we will have a Harbour Pedal event on 4th June, where you can cycle the scenic route to Passage West, in the run up to the Ocean to City Race.

The ride begins at 11:30am and is expected to take around an hour, at a leisurely pace along the designated cycle path.

0Cork Harbour Festival presents a carnival of maritime culture 4th-12th June! The programme features the Ocean to City, Harbour Open Day and a whole week of events. The festival highlights the importance of the River Lee and Cork Harbour as a natural and cultural resource, and celebrates the communities and businesses at the heart of it.





Promoting, encouraging and advocating for cycling. A useful means of transport which is efficient, independent, sustainable, beautiful, fast, economical, clean, ecological, healthy and fun. 🚲🌎😊

Considered cycling?


Ideas to get more people cycling –

Cycle, learn how to cycle, encourage people to cycle, bring up cycling in conversations, advocate for cycling, learn about different bikes, learn about good fit and seat height, learn how to fix and maintain a bike, get a good bike, appreciate the invention of the bicycle, cycle with friends and meet lovely new cycling friends, contribute ideas at your local cycling campaign meetings, create a cycling campaign, see how well cycling is doing in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and many cities around the world, cycle in a Critical Mass cycle or Velorution, have an interest in the environment and clean energy, etc, etc,

Walking ~5-7km/h.

Cycling ~15-37km/h, (more or less. Varying by person, bike and where one is cycling).


We have a monthly meet-up on the first Tuesday of every month (except August) at 7pm in the Friary, where Shandon St. meets North Mall in Cork city. All welcome!

Check out Cork Cycling Campaign’s public Facebook page which is quite active.


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